Discover the packaging possibilities of adhesive tape

packaging suppliersSealing tape has long played a vital role in good packaging, for individuals and organisations that handle large numbers of packages each day as well as those that only despatch packaged goods very occasionally. Whatever the scale of your requirements, an extensive range of tapes are available for various applications from Simpson Packaging (http://www.simpson-packaging.co.uk).

We offer a large selection of quality tapes in various materials, widths and colours, in addition to other products that we stock like labels, paper products, furniture and floor protection and workwear, when you buy tapes from Simpson Packaging, you can expect high quality products and, value for money.

Perhaps you need some carton sealing tapes, for example? Ours can be specified in various colours for the colour coding of packs and parcels. Custom printed tapes are also available from us, and are popular due to the ability that they give our clients to cost-effectively promote their corporate image and secure their packaged products against potential theft. They are bright and eye-catching and can be easily identified in the distribution system, reducing losses.

We also stock pre printed warning tapes, which feature highly visible red print on a white background, spelling out terms like ‘Fragile’, ‘Glass’, ‘Handle With Care’ and ‘This Way Up’ to help protect your products from transit hazards. This range also includes printed quality control warning tapes like ‘Quarantine’ and ‘QC Pass/Fail’. Or maybe you’re looking for some abrasion and tear resistant anti-slip/floor marking tapes, some masking tape for temporary paint masking and surface protection or even some double-sided polypropylene tape for secure fixing and mounting?

As you can see, Simpson Packaging stock adhesive tapes that go well beyond general packaging applications, instead having broader applications for those that work in all industries. You might have never imagined many of the technical qualities that make our full range of tapes suitable in so many different ways, with our double-sided fingerlift tissue tape, for example, helping to boost batch production efficiency, while our double-sided PVC tapes are highly durable when applied to metals and plastics.

From heavy duty carpet tape, reflective tapes and stereo mounting tapes to low tack protection tape, tamper evident security tape and even tape dispensers and glue dots, it seems that we have everything that you could possibly need as far as tape is concerned. Plus, as family-owned packaging suppliers here at Simpson Packaging (http://www.simpson-packaging.co.uk), you can trust us to provide a responsive, personal service at every stage of the order process.

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