Make your Valentine’s Day a sustainable one

Do you fancy the idea of buying your beloved a gift that not only communicates your love to them, but also comes with the further important message of protecting our planet for future generations of lovers? If your answer to that is “yes”, then you’ll be pleased to discover an extensive range of earth friendly products here at Yours Sustainably (http://www.yourssustainably.com), brought to you by a friendly and hardworking mother and daughter team.

Valentine’s Day can be an awkward time of year for so many people. Singles may get sick of the constant references to all things love (sorry about that!), but for couples, it can be even more difficult to think of a gift that isn’t too predictable. And as much as we all know that it’s the thought that counts, there are few thoughts quite like that of caring for a fragile planet and its other inhabitants by forgoing the usual presents in favour of an eco friendly gift or two from one of our many represented charities.

Perhaps, for example, you’ve considered buying from our selection of beauty and bath products for the special woman in your life? It’s where you’ll find pretty glitter mirrors with a fabric pouch, made in Delhi by a group of 8 artisans. These are gorgeous, hand-manufactured sustainable gifts that have been made to Fair Trade standards, a very important consideration given the prevalence of child labour in this industry. You can buy them in white, purple, pink or turquoise.

Alternatively, you may be interested in a cosmetic case that has been made from 100% recycled rice and fish bags. It is because of this composition of recycled materials that no two of these eco friendly gifts are the same, which makes it a real antidote to the soulless, mass-produced cases in high street shops. We also offer a stylish and unique wash bag that has been made from genuine decommissioned fire hose, making it usefully waterproof. In addition, you can buy gift sets consisting of organic and natural products like soothing lavender bath salts and baby bump oil – perfect for mothers-to-be.

Our other in-demand Valentine’s Day gifts include tableware, books and stationery, kitchen, living room and outdoor items encompassing floral cups and jugs, bamboo utensils, recycled wool celtic weave blankets, jewellery, purses, scarves and more. Nor have the men been forgotten about, as is shown by such items as vintage music sheet cufflinks, a laptop case made from recycled rubber tyre tubes and even notebooks made from reclaimed circuit boards.

As you can see, here at Yours Sustainably (http://www.yourssustainably.com), there’s a definite spirit of bringing you great eco gifts for Valentine’s Day for people of all tastes. Don’t forget, too, that delivery is free if you spend more than £50 – so you’ve got even more of an excuse to treat that special someone in your life with something that little bit different this February 14th.

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