What do you need to know about Hypnosis?

Alongside areas of expertise such as NLP, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy®, visitors to the Opt2xl (http://www.opt2xl.co.uk) website will have noticed that we also offer hypnosis training in Birmingham. This is a key part of both of our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training Programs, right from the pre-course stage at which you are handed a copy of Hypnosis – A Comprehensive Guide.

One of the first misconceptions to dispel about hypnosis is that it’s all about ‘clucking like a chicken’ and generally embarrassing yourself, as is the case with certain popular TV and stage shows that will go unmentioned. The true situation is quite the opposite: anyone who has actually undertaken hypnotherapy will know that a person has to willingly follow instruction if they are to be hypnotised. All hypnosis, then, is self-hypnosis, and even those who have been hypnotised will not do anything that they do not want to do or anything that is against their values.

The point that being in hypnosis is actually about being in control of your own behaviours and destiny cannot be emphasised enough, as what it is really about is the achievement of an altered, more relaxed state of mind to achieve a positive end. As is the case with NLP, a hypnotherapy course in Birmingham focuses on changing a person’s internal world so that it is then translated into their external world and empowers them to lead their lives in the way that they have always wished. It involves the giving of positive suggestions so that the person in hypnosis can relieve themselves of previously unresourceful and restrictive beliefs.

That is not to suggest, however, that there isn’t at least some mystery about hypnosis, with different professionals likely to give different definitions of what it actually is. Nonetheless, they will all agree on the effectiveness of its application, as well as the changes that it helps people to make at an unconscious level. Hypnosis taps directly into your imagination to increase your suggestibility and awareness to create the changes that you want.

As a professional in hypnosis, you will have responsibility for helping people to explore and build a detailed personal history of their past, breaking their issues and needs down into specific areas and processes. These areas can then each have hypnosis sessions specifically designed for them and to suit the individual. When training with Opt2XL the emphasis is always on tailoring the process to the individual’s needs. We have seen many coaches and therapists who utilize the techniques that they prefer rather than what actually suits the client with varying results! When we train you, you will be confident and competent in getting the results the client wants in the best way that suits the client.

Any hypnosis course in Birmingham that you opt for may cover some NLP and Coaching together with different branches of hypnotherapy and other associated techniques. Those courses may advertise themselves as giving Professional NLP and Coaching qualifications but as many have found to their detriment, after attending them, that they are not be certified accredited courses that will allow you to join professional NLP and Coaching bodies or gain insurance to practice.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Therapy are unregulated industries and when purchasing any course it is always a case of buyer beware and you need to make sure that the course will give you all of your outcomes that you require for now and the future. At Opt2XL we pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity and we will only ever offer you a course that meets all of your needs. Please feel free to contact one of our trusted and respected experts for a free, no obligation chat about which courses and qualifications best suit your needs. If you then choose one of our accredited and certified course you will also benefit from our unique and personal post course support making the most of the expertise that training here at Opt2xl (http://www.opt2xl.co.uk) offers you.

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