If you’ve seen the latest James Bond film, you’ll have seen the new look Q. No longer an ageing gentlemen tinkering with gadgets but a young, floppy haired cyber geek…not far from the truth if you’re working here at QinetiQ, the establishment said to be based on 007’s Q.

What I love about working at QinetiQ are the opportunities for all ages and capabilities, the exciting projects we work on and, last but not least, the fact we are a global British company.
I look back at my career and wonder in hindsight if I’d seen opportunities at 16 to earn money, learn on the job and work on national critical projects whether I’d have chosen to continue with my education through college and University.

Young people are crying out for opportunities and that’s exactly what’s being offered here at QinetiQ, whether as part of our apprenticeship schemes or the ongoing training and development of QinetiQ employees – and not just in traditional engineering careers, but also in technology and cyber.

So as I watched the latest James Bond, smiling and nudging my sons at the Q part, it’s hardly any wonder that my youngest son has decided he already wants to become a QinetiQ employee – that’s one decision I wouldn’t disagree with.

Claire Savage, Corporate Marketing, QinetiQ


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