Starting a business does not have cost the earth. There are plenty of low cost business startup ideas that anyone can do to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Below we take a look at 4 new business ideas:

1.   Virtual Assistant

This type of service is becoming increasingly popular amongst small business start ups.  It is usually required when a company cannot afford to take on a full time member of staff. To achieve success in this area you must possess strong written and oral skills. The easiest way to get started is to create a profile on websites such as freelancer.com or oDesk promoting your services/skills. This will allow you to establish your name and receive testimonials from clients. As your business grows you can use these contacts and testimonials on your own virtual assistant website.

2.   Online Consultant

This is a very popular choice for people starting a new business as it is very easy to set-up.  The most important factor about being a consultant is that you must have enough knowledge in your field of expertise to be able to provide services. Furthermore, you must have the ability to communicate ideas and provide constructive feedback to clients when required.  You will need to build a website for startups that provides tips, advice and guides. You can promote your services on forums, blogs and related websites.

3.   Online Tutor

Just like being a consultant, you can offer tutoring in anything from learning the guitar to using excel spreadsheets. You can promote your startup online and offline. Skype is becoming increasingly popular amongst online tutors, as it allows you to connect with people anywhere in the world. It also has the added benefit of being free. A quick way to market your business is to connect with websites in the educational sector.

4.   Photographer

If you like taking pictures as a hobby, then it is time to start making money from it. You don’t have to generalise in your work; specialise in a field that interests you, for example, weddings, graduation, family portraits etc. Offer different ways for clients to receive their pictures; regular photographs, CD or framed.  You can charge extra money for creating digital frames, transferring pictures on to a CD etc. Build a website with a photo gallery to showcase your work.  Market your business at local wedding fairs and events.


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