What to do when you first arrive in Gibraltar

So, you made your flight, survived customs and are now actually in Gibraltar, having enlisted the services of Indigo (http://www.indigo.gi) to ensure that the process of your relocation to Gibraltar has been as free of stress and trouble as possible. You might have sought our help with all manner of aspects of your move, from the transfer of your belongings to various smaller errands. But what needs to be done now that you are actually in the British overseas territory?

Naturally, the exact answer to that question somewhat depends on the nature of and reasons for your move, with some merely retiring to Gibraltar for an easier life in their elderly years, and others trying to oversee the most intricate corporate relocation. Whatever your exact circumstances, Indigo has the quality of service and extensive local knowledge to ensure that you haven’t neglected a single detail. This is closely linked to our well-regarded concierge service.

Our concierge in Gibraltar services cover so many of those aforementioned little details. Would you, for example, if you were trying to oversee the move on your own, remember to arrange vital insurance, utilities, phone and Internet services for your home and office so that you could swiftly start enjoying life in the country and/or knuckling down to productive work? What about activities, hobbies and local events – would you have the time to research these prior to arrival? Our concierge professionals can run all manner of random errands.

Of course, many of these things could be arranged well in advance of your arrival if you are sufficiently well-organised, but there are also always likely to be unforeseen events to which you’ll need to respond. A corporate relocation, for example, is a major administrative headache even when things go well, diverting HR managers from more strategic issues. You don’t, therefore, want to encounter any hiccups with removal vans, rental agreements or utility bills. That’s why, if such events do occur, Indigo can concentrate on them on your behalf.

One thing that you’ll surely appreciate on your arrival in Gibraltar is having someone by your side who knows the local area well, who can point you in the direction of all of the vital services that you may require. You’ll need to check out your living accommodation, and make sure that repairs are carried out if necessary. If you have children, then you’ll have also doubtless checked out the various schools in Gibraltar, yet another area where Indigo can help.

With Indigo’s (http://www.indigo.gi) services covering everything from key holding, pick-ups and deliveries to secretarial duties, the arrangement of catering and even interior design, there’s no reason for you to be intimidated by the thought of moving to and living in Gibraltar when you request our help.


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