What is living in Gibraltar actually like?

There are many reasons why you may be considering moving to Gibraltar, whether you are a ‘high net worth individual’ who is attracted to the territory’s more liberal tax regime compared to mainland UK, or you are on the lookout for a pleasant and hospitable retirement spot. Whatever your exact requirements, you are sure to appreciate the assistance of Indigo (http://www.indigo.gi). But another question you’ll want to ask is, what is it like to actually live there?

You’ll probably want to know, for example, what kind of climate you’ll be waking up to each day and the answer is a subtropical Mediterranean one, with warm summers and mild winters. Retiring to Gibraltar means retiring to a place where the summer is generally dry, with rain mainly occurring in the winter, and where the annual average temperature is about 21 degrees C (70 F) during the day, dropping to 15 degrees C (59 F) at night.

And of course, those who are interested in a move to Gibraltar will also want to know about the atmosphere and surroundings in which they will conduct their daily business. Well, one thing that you will notice is that there are certainly plenty of tourists, and of course, that means that there are plenty of places to see and things to do as a resident. Gibraltar’s extensive tourist and leisure facilities include some small beaches, a large shopping area, a range of historical and natural attractions and various bars, bistros, restaurants and night clubs.

It’s pretty evident, then, that there are plenty of opportunities to be a tourist on your home turf, but living in Gibraltar is also pleasant as far as the more mundane matters are concerned. Whereas housing, for example, used to be in short supply in the territory, there is now a nice mix of affordable and luxury housing developments, depending on your exact needs. Adding to Gibraltar’s ‘home from home’ feel for those people moving there from the UK is a familiar-looking education system, with free compulsory education to National Curriculum standards being provided by comprehensive schools to the children of local residents, until the age of 16.

As is the case anywhere else, work is also at the centre of many people’s lives in Gibraltar, and indeed, you may be interested in receiving our help with a corporate relocation. Nonetheless, even for those who are looking for work, there is a diverse economy that offers plenty of opportunities, with the financial services sector having been especially buoyant in recent times. There are also good transport and communications networks, with air links provided by airports in London, Manchester and Madrid.

As for health care, free health benefits are on offer for resident contributors to the Gibraltar social insurance system, as part of the Group Practice Medical Scheme set up by the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA).

You can find out more about living in Gibraltar by contacting our renowned relocation experts at Indigo (http://www.indigo.gi).


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